Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Improve your efficiency with GMail's shortcuts

Thanks to a good friend, I've recently discovered a great feature in GMail: shortcuts.

I see you, you are thinking that I am talking about something that everybody already knows, blablabla.
Well, maybe. But in my case, my knowledge of GMail's shortcuts was actually quite limited:
  • 'c' to compose a new email
  • 'r' to reply
  • 'a' to reply all
  • 'f' to transfer
That's all. Yep, really.

What my friend showed me is the '?' key. When you press that key, an awesome list of very handful shortcuts appears. 'Esc' hides the dialog.
Since I've discovered it, I am really much more productive using GMail. Actually, my favorite shortcuts are:
  • 'u' to go back to the conversations list
  • 's' to star a conversation
  • 'e' to archive a conversation
  • '/' to search
  • 'k'/'j' to go to the next / previous conversation
  • 'Shift + t' to add a conversation to the task list
  • 'g'+'l' to go write the name of the label you want to go into

You can do much more like go in more standard labels (inbox, starred,...), make a phone call, search in chat conversations, select some messages, ... This is really easy, useful and it helps to work much faster!

Thanks Google guys :).

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